Worlds-Fair for AI

It’s Like a “World’s Fair” for Artificial Intelligence

Posted By: Eric Ludwig
Date: October 5, 2023

A surprising number of artificial intelligence (“AI”) competitions are popping up around the globe. Here in the United States, both the Biden Administration and The Pentagon have announced high stakes contests. Corporations like IBM are also throwing their hats into the ring.

The offer of such prizes is sure to stimulate AI research and advancement. It’s like a new, virtual “World’s Fair” climate for technology—an exciting time for individuals, businesses, and even government entities to strike out and explore what they can do with AI.

With various AI tools easily acquired, entrants into these contests are expected to be varied and many. Just as cell phones made every person an aspiring high-end photographer, so too does the ubiquitous nature of AI tools give rise to the potential for innovation and inventorship.

“In what seems like a very short time, virtually all industries have been touched by AI to some degree,” says Eric Ludwig, whose California-based law firm, Ludwig APC, focuses on intellectual property, data privacy, and business litigation around the globe. “Despite its widespread use, though, few, if any, truly understand the implications of working with AI. I liken it to being adrift within a sea of beginners with few experts.”

Permission Or Forgiveness, Ignorance or Wisdom 

When adopting new technologies or trends, early adherents typically seek advice after-the-fact. In the world of intellectual property, such an approach can leave individuals and businesses on treacherous legal footing.

Rather than reactive representation responding to cease-and-desist letters or, worse yet, defending or asserting IP rights in court, proactive guidance is recommended.

“With IP, knowing the lay of the land and the way forward has always been a bit of a calculated assessment, and that’s probably even more true in today’s environment,” says Ludwig. “However, ignorance of how AI impacts IP is no defense when things go south. Inventors, artists, creative types, and all IP owners need to look at the possibilities with AI without rose-colored glasses.”

At present, AI is volatile and new. Its landscape is like that of primeval Earth—both alluring and dangerous at the same time. Many may consider dabbling with AI to create IP too risky, while others will find it far too tempting.

While inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses may see signs for the “World’s Fair of AI” and all the potential that represents promoted in their news and social feeds, setting sail with no plan is no way forward. Even Christopher Columbus didn’t pursue “The New World” until he had enlisted the help of a reliable guide, Guillermo Herries—and Columbus wasn’t bumping into thousands of other ships leaving Spain at the same time.

“The race to be first with AI is a crowded field,” explains Ludwig. “IP creators and owners would be well-advised not to rush into the unknown blindly.”

With prize purses in the millions and leaps forward in AI abilities taking place daily, it’s more important than ever for those involved in AI or affected by it to keep apprised of what’s going on both technologically and legally.

Let’s Work Together: Global Experience, Personal Focus

If you have questions about how AI tools and products could affect your business or IP rights, give Ludwig APC a call. As experts in copyright matters, IP, and business litigation, the impact of AI on IP and business best practices is a topic we are monitoring closely. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation: (619) 929-0873 | [email protected].


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