Patent Registration Services

Identify and protect technological innovations to maintain competitive advantage.

Properly crafted patents can be the most prized and sought-after assets of corporations or new ventures. A robust a patent portfolio can be leveraged to secure venture capital funding or litigation war chests or to boost corporate value.

Ludwig APC offers end-to-end patent services via its affiliated, United States Patent and Trademark Office registered co-counsel. From patent prosecution to strategic counseling and complex, full-service patent litigation, our services span multiple industries, including medical devices, biotech, consumer goods, consumer electronics, mechanical, electrical, and computer-implemented devices—plus a host of others.

Ludwig APC and its associates are adept in all facets of patent law and offer a thorough collection of patent services, including:

  • Patent Auditing: What patents do you have? Which technologies are covered? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your patents?
  • Competitor Analysis: Who are your competitors? Which technologies are covered? What are the strengths and weaknesses of competitors patents?
  • Patent acquisition and technology in-licensing
  • Technology out-licensing, patent sales, patent lapses
  • Prior art searches
  • Freedom to practice searches and opinions
  • Due diligence prior to patent acquisition
  • Strategic patent portfolio counseling, development and mining
  • Patent application preparation, filing, and prosecution services for U.S. and international patents
  • Patent licensing agreements
  • Patent validity and infringement opinions
  • Reverse engineering counseling
  • Patent post-grant proceedings
  • Patent litigation in federal courts
  • Patent maintenance services
  • Design patent services.

Global Reach

Ludwig APC’s patent prosecution practice enjoys worldwide support through our network of foreign associates. This enables us to service patent prosecution efforts globally with a local point of contact.


Our clients can be confident that Ludwig APC’s trial team will utilize its technical acumen and trial skills to understand and navigate any complex issues that are encountered throughout the course of patent litigation, including exploring alternative dispute resolution means through arbitration, mediation, and post-grant proceedings, such as ex parte reexamination, inter partes review (IPR), and post-grant review proceedings.

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