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Copyrights, which are a bundle of proprietary rights, are valuable assets that can be leveraged.

Original works of authorship, resulting in protected copyright material, constantly come into being, thanks to the creative efforts of our clients, their employees, and contractors. Software source code, writings and other texts, photographs, instructional drawings, works of art, film and video recordings, music, and even textile fabric patterns are just some of forms of creative expression covered by the provisions of the Copyright Act. Properly understanding and managing copyrightable content is essential to the success of its creators, especially in light of the ease by which individuals can share and disseminate digital material via mobile devices and other connected technologies.

Copyrights, which are a bundle of proprietary rights, afford their owners valuable assets that can be leveraged in the marketplace in a multitude of ways, such as controlling the right to reproduce and make copies of the works, preparing derivative works from existing works, distributing copies of the works by sale, rental, lease, or lending, and even publicly performing and displaying the works. Companies who carefully safeguard and manage these rights can reap tremendous rewards. Unfortunately, some businesses never get the chance to do so. It is all too common that would-be copyright holders leave the question of ownership, title, and license of rights to chance, such as when non-employees, like independent contractors, prepare copyrightable materials for a company but fail to expressly provide for a transfer of rights through an assignment or “work-made-for-hire” agreement back to the company.

The attorneys of Ludwig, APC know the significance of building and protecting a powerful and prosperous copyright portfolio, whether it is through the development of registration policies and procedures, drafting copyright licensing agreements, including work-made-for-hire agreements, creating a copyright licensing program, counseling on the fair use of copyrighted content, and counseling on the anti-circumvention and safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). When enforcement of copyright rights is essential or defense against charges of infringement is imminent, the experienced trial attorneys at Ludwig, APC offer a broad spectrum of litigation services.

Regardless of the industry, product, or service, the competency of Ludwig, APC’s professionals in the realm of copyright law allows our firm to effectively counsel clients across the full array of copyright issues they face. We side with our clients and tailor solutions that fit their business goals, provide leverage in the marketplace, and safeguard their rights in the copyrights they create. Ludwig, APC offers a comprehensive suite of copyright services, including:

  • Copyright application preparation, filing and registration services.
  • Copyright counseling and portfolio development.
  • Copyright licensing agreements.
  • Copyright infringement opinions.
  • Copyright litigation in federal and state courts.
  • Recordation of copyrights with the customs office in the U.S. and abroad.

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