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Carefully crafted licensing agreements can increase the value of intellectual property.

For many Ludwig, APC clients, the keys to unlocking their full potential in the marketplace lie in entering into effective licensing agreements. Carefully crafted licensing agreements can increase the value of an intellectual property portfolio by forging alliances with all players in the commercial space to augment a product’s capabilities, thereby enhancing the consumer experience and customer appeal. Conversely, agreements of inferior quality act as anchors on a business, weighing them down and diminishing their ability to remain competitive.

Our attorneys bring their vast experience in handling all manner of intellectual property transactional and litigation matters to bear when serving the licensing needs of Ludwig, APC’s clients. Working in tandem with our clients’ key decision-makers, our licensing professionals play an integral role in the negotiation and drafting of the complex business relationships necessary for the protection and commercialization of important intangible assets. In addition to licensing, Ludwig, APC’s attorneys counsel clients in a diverse field of other intellectual property and technology transfer arrangements, such as IP acquisition, sales, and assignments of copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret assets.


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