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Ludwig APC is a full-service business, technology, and intellectual property law firm, with a particular focus on litigation and intellectual property disputes. We are the team you call to handle complex, high stakes, bet-the-company litigation.

Practically any business operating today has certain rights, responsibilities, and obligations related to privacy and cybersecurity.

We live in a technologically-driven world that’s more connected than ever. Our personal and professional lives seemingly revolve around the collection of personal data, its dissemination, and manipulation.

Privacy and cybersecurity issues abound on a global scale, from the aggregation of data in database or retrieval systems for banking, entertainment, healthcare, employment, and other uses, to cameras surveilling our day-to-day movements, to web browsers tracking what we read, what we buy, and where we’ve been. Companies that use software, systems, and processes to collect, store, and transform personal data have certain rights, responsibilities, and obligations to manage, protect, distribute, and even erase that data.

It’s a complex and growing regulatory landscape that involves federal, state, and international laws, rules, and requirements. Suffering a data breach or data loss, or failing to comply with various regulations, whether you’re aware of them or not, can be disastrous for a business.

Ludwig APC offers a comprehensive suite of privacy and cybersecurity services for businesses, including . . .

  • Advising companies as they develop data management programs to cover collection, storage, use, retention, and erasure of data
  • Working with clients to ensure compliance with all applicable state, federal, and international regulations
  • Monitoring current, new, and proposed regulations and laws related to industry-specific segments, such as health care, education, finance, and others
  • Helping clients develop policies detailing how they will respond to cybersecurity threats and data breaches
  • Managing a company’s defense against privacy and cybersecurity claims and class action suits
  • Engaging in due diligence on privacy and cybersecurity issues related to corporate mergers, downsizing, acquisitions, and other such transactions
  • Advising companies on employee cybersecurity and privacy best practices and policies, such as corporate policies governing employee access to trade secrets, dealing with employee theft of intellectual property, monitoring and control of employee social media activity, access to customer data, and more.
  • Drafting/developing privacy policies covering company websites, blogs, and ecommerce.


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