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Efficient, aggressive, and persuasive advocacy wins trials.

Ludwig APC’s attorneys and network of associated counsel are trial lawyers with extensive experience and success in the courtroom. Such familiarity and comfort with the litigation process allows our clients to engage their opponents with the confidence of knowing they have seasoned jurists on their team.

Ludwig APC attorneys work tirelessly with clients to understand their business and legal objectives, seeking strategies to advance client interests and resolve controversies by way of verdict, judgment, or settlement. We . . .

  • Begin by developing a comprehensive understanding of the factual and legal issues of the case
  • Work with clients to recognize and exploit instances where early resolution, through informal negotiation, mediation, or arbitration may be possible
  • Engage in deliberate, thoughtful marshalling of evidence, in the most cost-effective and advantageous manner possible (keeping discovery, and any of its attendant battles, to a minimum)
  • Build the tools and weapons we need to prevail, rather than those needed to stall and delay
  • Deploy state-of-the-art litigation and discovery-management systems, which conserves precious time and money, thereby easing the burden of litigation on our clients
  • Engage in the art of trial advocacy, from navigating crucial evidentiary decisions and discovery disputes, to voir dire, opening statements, examining witnesses, and closing arguments.

Ludwig APC attorneys enjoy a breadth of expertise across numerous subject matter areas, with particular emphasis on highly complex patent litigation matters, enforcing intellectual property rights, and defending against charges of patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, unfair competition, and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Our litigation practice also focuses on trying a variety of business-related cases, such as fraud, breach-of-contract, licensing disputes, employment discrimination claims, and even criminal defense matters.

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