Managing a thriving enterprise means never being complacent; the ability to adapt quickly, to grow, and to learn is paramount. Striving for excellence is the cornerstone of success. So too, is the ability to meet every new challenge, head-on. At Ludwig, APC, we understand this to be true because we live it each day.

Knowing what it takes to flourish in business gives our attorneys a unique perspective when it comes to advising clients. Drawing from their vast personal and professional experiences, the attorneys at Ludwig, APC are able to offer their clients insights and creative solutions crucial for remaining competitive. Our firm’s intellectual property prosecution practice, licensing proficiency, contract negotiation and drafting skill, employment counseling, and other business and transactional know-how give clients the confidence of knowing their attorneys add value, no matter what the circumstances. Moreover, Ludwig, APC’s network of world-class associate counsel, practicing in various specialty areas of law, further augments our firm’s capability to present our clients with a diverse range of services and solutions.