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Ludwig, APC is a full-service business, technology and intellectual property firm, with a particular focus on litigation.

We operate in conjunction with an extended network of skilled affiliate practitioners, enabling us to immediately scale the nature and scope of our services to every client’s individual needs. Through this group of associated co-counsel, our practice encompasses the complete spectrum of intellectual property rights management, from creation to enforcement, including patent and trademark prosecution, copyright registration, trade secret counseling, and litigation. Ludwig, APC’s attorneys also assist clients in leveraging technology in the marketplace, through the negotiation and implementation of strategic intellectual property IP transference agreements, in the form of in-bound and out-bound licensing transactions or the assignment of various intellectual property rights and interests. With Ludwig, APC’s access to a global array of foreign-based professionals, our ability to service the IP prosecution and transactional needs of our clients is not limited to the United States, but extends worldwide.

More than anything, Ludwig, APC is a team of trial lawyers, who concentrate on handling complex, high stakes, bet-the-company litigation. Our attorneys have proven records of success in representing clients in a variety of cases. In fact, Ludwig, APC’s professionals have collectively tried dozens of cases to jury verdict, effectively advocating for clients as they assert valuable intellectual property rights against those who would infringe them, as they defend against aggressive claims of infringement to the intellectual property rights of others, and as they recover losses attributable to fraud and other forms of wrong-doing.

Ludwig, APC’s clients are as diverse as the industries in which they do business. Individuals, startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and large corporations depend on our experienced counsel to protect their intellectual property rights. Our affiliate attorneys represent companies in a diverse collection of technological areas including, but not limited to, biotechnology, medical device, wireless and telecommunications technology, software, electronics, consumer products, renewable energy, and defense spaces, among others.

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