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When You’re Dealing with AI, Who Owns the Intellectual Property?

While Intellectual Property (IP) law is already quite complicated, especially when international boundaries are concerned, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), IP law promises to become even more complex. For example, when AI is involved in an inventive or creative process, who holds the IP rights to that work? Can AI hold a copyright

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Entering the US Market? Due Diligence Pays Off

When entering the US market, non-US companies and entrepreneurs need to understand whether and/or how their products or services might infringe upon the intellectual property rights of those already operating in the United States. Remember, intellectual property (IP) relates to copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets, and violating the IP rights of someone else (or

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Cease & Desist

You’ve Received a Cease and Desist Letter: Now What?

When foreign and overseas companies and individual’s doing business in the United States fail to do due diligence on their intellectual property assets before introducing them into U.S. markets, they run the risk of legal action from U.S.-based companies who believe their intellectual property rights have been infringed. Often, the first inkling of such legal

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Think Ahead: Know the Nuances of International Intellectual Property Law

Companies planning to do business in the United States should study up on international and U.S. intellectual property laws to ensure the protections they’ve enjoyed in their home countries and regions extend to the United States. Be forewarned: in many cases they don’t. Just as a United States patent or trademark offers no protection in

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