Embedded in every business and critical to its success is certain valuable information, held in the highest of confidences. Ludwig, APC understands that our clients rely on myriad commercial and technical trade secrets for their continued success. Given the reality that a trade secret has economic value only so long as it is kept secret, assisting clients in maintaining the secrecy of such diverse intellectual property rights is of primary concern to our attorneys.

Ludwig, APC’s professionals have the ability to call upon their extensive experience in planning for, and preventing, the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure or misappropriation of trade secrets. Be it preparing for the arrival or departure of an employee, the act or omission of a vendor, supplier, or competitor, or even a simple oversight, Ludwig, APC crafts solutions as unique as the businesses we serve, giving them the security they need to prosper. Safeguarding trade secrets through the creation of robust confidentiality protocols and procedures and the drafting of effective employment, consulting, manufacturing, and non-disclosure agreements are just some of the ways Ludwig, APC joins with our clients to better protect their trade secrets.

Even with the most thorough preparation, the need to enforce trade secret rights or defend against a competitor’s unwanted allegations of wrongdoing can, and does, arise. Litigation may be necessary, or even unavoidable. Ludwig, APC’s trial attorneys know, first-hand what it takes to prevail in the rigors of complex trade secret disputes.